Premium Whiskey, Gin and Vodka – Bottled in Bond. Handmade in small batches in Sydney, Australia, using equal parts tradition and innovation. Traceable, sustainable ingredients and barrels that show provenance. OCD is about the obsession of creating authentic spirits.


From under his garage, and in a 70 litre column still, Eduard’s obsession to create Whiskey led to a business partnership with his sister Julie, and to the creation of OCD.


OCD’s vision to create a locally distilled, premium spirits brand using only sustainable and traceable ingredients, is realised in their Whiskey, Vodkas and Gin. Eduard creates a product by hand and in small batches that values time, is authentic and is respectful.




Premium. hand-made. locally distilled.

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The Heart of Sydney's Craft Spirit Scene

Otter Craft Distillery is your must-visit New South Wales experience where the essence of Sydney's vibrant culture is bottled from our street to your street. Your next Sydney adventure is right here at our Australian distillery.

Located just 10 minutes outside the Sydney CBD, come enjoy a gin cocktail, a whiskey tasting or a vodka martini at our distillery bar, Bar 26.

We take pride in our 'grain to glass" philosophy and take care in controlling every step of the production process. We source the finest Australian grains and by employing sustainable practices, OCD guarantees Vodka, Gins and Whiskeys that are not only superior in taste, but are also respectful to our environment.

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Mary St Coffee Gin Liqueur Recipes!

Mary St Coffee Gin Liqueur Recipes!

Mary St Coffee Gin Liqueur X The Rocks:   Ingredients: 45ML Mary St Coffee Gin Liqueur Ice Method: Pour:Fill a tumbler with ice & pour over 45 ml of Mary St Coffee Gin Liqueur.Enjoy!   Mary St Coffee Gin Liqueur x Espresso Martini:   Ingredients: 60ml Mary St Coffee Gin...

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Mary St Gin

Mary St Gin

Mary St Gin: Created by co-owner and distiller Eduard Otter, Mary St Gin reflects the core DNA of the OCD brand, ensuring the very best of sourced botanicals, lengthy research and development and a distillation process that is aligned to the innovative methods the brand is recognised for, to create an incredible dry gin!  The name...

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OCD x Botanical Vodka's

OCD x Botanical Vodka's

Create Distill Botanical Vodka's Julie & Eduards shared love of citrus and summer berries led to many months of experimentation to create the perfect blend for a true Botanical Vodka.  The launch of OCD's Lemon Drop and #23 Vodka's are the first botanical spirits created by Eduard, and are the...

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Chocolate Orange Angel Cocktail Recipe

Chocolate Orange Angel Cocktail Recipe

Experience the delightful burst of flavor with our Chocolate Orange Angel Cocktail Recipe, the perfect cocktail for any occasion. Made with Otter Craft Distilling's unique Cocoa Vodka, this refreshing drink combines the zest of seasonal oranges and the crisp taste of ginger ale for a tantalising beverage that's both invigorating...

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Bloody Mary Recipe

Bloody Mary Recipe Follow our simple recipe for a spicy, savoury cocktail that's perfect for any occasion.  This spicy Bloody Mary uses our Pure Vodka and the ingredients from our Cocktail Kit.  

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Espresso Martini Recipe

Espresso Martini Recipe Otter Craft Distillery's signature Espresso Martini recipe as invented by our distiller and co-founder Eduard.  Vodka, cold pressed coffee, tonic, delicious.

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