Bloody Mary Kit
Bloody Mary Kit Bloody Mary Kit Bloody Mary Kit Bloody Mary Kit Bloody Mary Kit Bloody Mary Kit

Unveil the secrets to crafting the perfect Bloody Mary with the OCD Bloody Mary Kit, a curated collection of premium ingredients designed for enthusiasts of this iconic cocktail. Featuring our Gold Medal-winning Pure Vodka, the robust McClure's Bloody Mary Mix, and the crunch of McClure's Pickles, this kit is your all-in-one solution for creating the best Bloody Mary you and your guests have ever tasted, following the trusted recipe and ingredients used by OCD distiller and co-founder, Eduard Otter.

Kit Includes:

  • OCD Pure Vodka (700ml, 44% ABV): Awarded for its excellence, our vodka is crafted through a meticulous distillation process, ensuring a rich and deep flavour profile that's perfect as the foundation of your Bloody Mary.
  • McClure's Bloody Mary Mix: Enhance your cocktail with this specially formulated mix, known for its ideal balance of spice and flavour.
  • McClure's Pickles: Add the final touch of crispness and tang to your cocktail with these high-quality pickles.

Crafting the Quintessential Bloody Mary

Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a home bartender, our kit simplifies how to make a Bloody Mary, ensuring a flawless cocktail every time. Embrace the art of mixing with ingredients that have been handpicked for their quality and compatibility, promising a cocktail experience that's both enjoyable and impressive.

A Symphony of Flavor in Every Sip

Discover the depth of the Bloody Mary cocktail, from the spicy, tangy notes of the McClure's mix to the smooth, refined character of OCD Vodka, complemented by the crunch of McClure's Pickles. This kit not only provides the bloody mary ingredients but also invites you to experiment with bloody mary garnishes, from the classic celery stalk to a more adventurous array of veggies, catering to the Bloody Mary recipe Australia loves.

Your Brunch Companion

Our Bloody Mary Kit is more than just a set of ingredients; it's a celebration of flavour and craftsmanship, perfect for elevating any brunch, gathering, or solo cocktail session. Inspired by the authentic gin bloody mary twist and tailored for vodka enthusiasts, this kit ensures that each Bloody Mary you serve is a testament to your refined taste and love for cocktails.

Bring the Bar Home

With the OCD Bloody Mary Kit, transforming your home into the ultimate brunch spot has never been easier. Embrace the opportunity to create the easiest and most delicious Bloody Marys, and enjoy the accolades from your guests. 

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