OCD Bloody Mary Kit
OCD Bloody Mary Kit OCD Bloody Mary Kit OCD Bloody Mary Kit

Triple Distilled pure vodka.

A new special price to help you isolate responsibly and enjoyably!

OCD vodka runs through a process that yields only to time, with longer than normal fermentation periods to allow the development of a deep, rich flavour profile.

The distillation process then pulls back the layers, to allow for a smooth tasting liquid. A final filter to ensure that only the best is allowed to leave the bond, bottled with a wax seal to ensure quality.

OCD Vodka is made to be sipped over ice or mixed - and is perfect for creating the most delicious Blood Mary!

Using the same ingredients and recipe as used by OCD distiller and Co - Founder, Eduard Otter, you can create the easiest and absolute best Bloody Mary you & your guests have ever had! 

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OCD Signature Bloody Mary Kit:

  • 2 x 700ml OCD Pure Vodka
  • McClures Bloody Mary Mix


  • 45mls- OCD Vodka
  • 125mls – McLures Bloody Mary Mix

Method – Build

Take a large glass and pour in the OCD Vodka, fill most of the glass with ice.

Fill the remaining void with McLures Bloody Mary Mix

Garnish option – pretty much everything in a salad is great! We love celery, carrots, capsicum and cucumber!