OCD’s obsession is to create a locally distilled premium spirits brand in Sydney, that is relevant locally and globally, and sits equally amongst the worlds best and most like minded spirits. A key part of the creative and product development circle at OCD, is the focus on partnering with responsible supply sources and a goal to form long term sustainable relationships.


OCD creates a product that uses only premium ingredients from suppliers that can show provenance, sourcing locally for core spirits. All OCD spirits are created using barley that is grown and malted from the Riverina in NSW. Barrels are sourced locally and globally, and all are ethically sourced. From new French Oak barrels to giving life to pre loved barrels, OCD also uses select barrels again to age beer, and these are then toasted for OCD Whiskey, and the cycle continues. OCD is committed to creating our product in a way that is respectful to all of our suppliers and their ingredients.


OCD spirits reflect both a respect for traditional distilling processes combined with innovative and modern techniques, made by hand and in small batches - and is always focussed on refining and evolving. OCD reimagines and recycles at every opportunity. All spirits can be enjoyed neat, as part of a mixed drink, or in a cocktail. All bottled spirits are bottled in bond.