OCD Espresso Martini Kit
OCD Espresso Martini Kit OCD Espresso Martini Kit OCD Espresso Martini Kit OCD Espresso Martini Kit OCD Espresso Martini Kit

Hand Made. Small Batch. Single Malt. Triple Distilled.

OCD's Pure Vodka steeped in the finest ground coffee beans.

Following on from the unique distillation process that produces OCD pure Vodka, OCD Coffee uses only sustainably sourced and traceable ground roasted coffee beans. A cold brew method is used to extract the natural oils to give a strong and refined coffee flavour – perfect for so many occasions - including creating our OCD Signature Espresso Martini!

Using the same ingredients and recipe as created by OCD distiller and Co - Founder, Eduard Otter, you can create the absolute best Espresso Martini you & your guests have ever had! 

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OCD Signature Espresso Martini Kit:

  • OCD Coffee Vodka
  • Morgans Coffee
  • Noble tonic 1 Maple Syrup


  • 45ml – OCD Coffee Vodka
  • 45ml – Cold Pressed coffee
  • 45ml – Noble tonic 1 maple

You will need to make your cold brew coffee at least 12 hours before. Using the same coffee blend from Morgans coffee, that is used in both our Coffee Vodka and our Espresso martini's.

To make this we steep 125grams of Morgans cold press coffee in 1 litre of water for 24hours in the fridge. We then filter this before use and keep in a sealed container. This will last for up to 1 week and will make around 700ml of coffee for your martintis!

Method - Shake

Place all ingredients into a shaker and add ice on top – make sure you have enough ice to cover the ingredients twice over.

Shake like no one is watching! You need to shake vigorously!! And then shake some more!

Once you have finished shaking use a double straining method so you don’t get any small ice partials (they don’t taste bad they just ruin the look and the smooth creamy texture you have just shaken so hard for will not feel as nice)

Garnish options – 3 roasted coffee beans floating on top, dust with drinking chocolate, or serve just as is!