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Espresso Martini Recipe

Espresso Martini Recipe

Elevate your cocktail game with the ultimate Espresso Martini recipe, designed for lovers of rich coffee flavour and smooth vodka elegance. This guide will walk you through creating an exquisite espresso martini that's sure to impress, using our premium Coffee Vodka and the finest Morgans Coffee. Perfect for any occasion, this espresso martini recipe combines the boldness of coffee with the smoothness of vodka, topped with the subtle sweetness of Noble Tonic 01 Maple Syrup.

Ingredients for the Ultimate Espresso Martini:

  • 45ml Otter Craft Distilling Coffee Vodka – The foundation of flavor.
  • 45ml Cold Pressed Coffee – Brewed to perfection with Morgans Coffee.
  • 45ml Noble Tonic 01 Maple Syrup – A dash of sweetness.

Preparation: Your Journey to the Perfect Espresso Martini

Cold Brew Mastery

  1. To make our signature Espresso Martini we recommend using Morgans Coffee to achieve that harmonious flavour profile the same as we serve in Bar 26.
  2. Use pre-ground coffee, or grind coffee beans to a medium consistency.
  3. Combine 125 grams of ground beans with 1 litre of water and leave to steep in the fridge for 24 hours (12 hours at a minimum).
  4. Use a fine mesh sieve or a paper filter to strain the coffee into a separate container (you can store this in the fridge for up to a week).
  5. You should now have approximately 700ml of rich coffee, ready to elevate your martinis.

Shake It Up

  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the three ingredients and add enough ice to cover the ingredients twice over.  
  2. Channel your inner mixologist and shake it like no one is watching.  Make sure to shake it vigorously!  And then shake it some more!
  3. Double Strain to Perfection: To achieve that smooth, creamy texture synonymous with a top-tier espresso martini, use a double straining technique to remove any ice fragments. This step ensures your cocktail is not only delicious but also boasts the elegant appearance it deserves.
  4. Garnish Like a Pro: Enhance your espresso martini with a choice of garnishes. Float three roasted coffee beans atop your drink for a classic finish, dust with drinking chocolate for a sweet touch, or simply enjoy as is for pure, unadulterated bliss.

Ready to Impress?

With our Signature Espresso Martini Kit, crafting this iconic cocktail is easier than ever. Perfect for espresso martini enthusiasts or anyone exploring easy vodka cocktails, this kit brings sophistication and flavour straight to your home bar. Dive into the world of vodka cocktails with this simple yet impressive espresso martini recipe, and enjoy the perfect blend of coffee and vodka in every sip.

You can also buy our Coffee Vodka individually and explore your own choice of bean's and tonic’s. 

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