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OCD x Botanical Vodka's

Create Distill Botanical Vodka's

Julie & Eduards shared love of citrus and summer berries led to many months of experimentation to create the perfect blend for a true Botanical Vodka. 

The launch of OCD's Lemon Drop and #23 Vodka's are the first botanical spirits created by Eduard, and are the first to launch in what will be an ongoing series for OCD!

Time spent with chefs, farmers and suppliers, experimenting and learning techniques to extract and maximise flavours, essences  and oils, are all celebrated in the OCD Botanicals range.

As with all OCD spirits, Eduard began these flavour profiles, with a single malt base, and following on from the same process used to create OCD's Pure Vodka, he then distilled this for a 4th time, infusing the clear clean liquid, with A grade botanicals.

OCD has ensured these Vodka'a reflect a truly incredible and exciting spirit, that is perfect to be sipped over ice, mixed, or as the base for one of the best cocktail experiences you will ever have!


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