OCD Whiskey
OCD Whiskey OCD Whiskey OCD Whiskey OCD Whiskey OCD Whiskey OCD Whiskey

Single Malt. Single Cask.

Barrel 1 represents not only the first expression of OCD, but it is also the first time that Voyager Malts from the NSW Riverina has had their locally malted barley mashed for distillation and subsequently the first Whiskey released using Voyager malt.

This is a proud moment for OCD to showcase an exceptional Whiskey and highlight the power of a great partnership built on mutual respect for all ingredients, and the people who produce them.

Using only premium grain from the Riverina in NSW, then malted locally, OCD Whiskey starts with the very best of local ingredients. The rich powerful flavours are a reflection of small batch mashes, with longer fermentation times, that allow the flavour profiles to develop.

Distilled with a mix of traditional and innovative methods and cuts made purely on taste, OCD new make offers an already well developed profile.

Matched with barrels that range from locally sourced wineries that have been re-coopered to recharge the barrel, to barrels from around the world, that have had a previous life storing rum and whiskey, each single barrel release is unique in its own great way.

All OCD Whiskey is bottled in bond.

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Aroma: Warm rich notes of florals with a rich colour that reflects the history of the Port Barrel.

Tasting Notes: A smooth mouth feel with a deep flavour of dried fruits, complimented with a hint of light smokiness from the barrel.

A malted barley base that offers a warm and welcome finish.