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Otter Craft Distilling is proud to present its award winning vodka.  A testament to OCD’s art of vodka distillation in Australia through the creation of a small batch single malt vodka.  Hand crafted with patience and precision, this small batch vodka epitomises the dedication to creating a spirit that stands apart in the world of Australian vodka. With longer than normal fermentation periods and triple distillation, we allow the rich, complex flavour profile to develop fully, setting the stage for a triple distilled vodka experience that is as unique as it is delightful.

Crafted from the Heart of the Riverina

At the core of our small batch vodka is the premium grain sourced from the fertile Riverina region.  This grain which is shared with our esteemed Whiskey, lays the foundation for a single malt vodka of unparalleled character and depth. Triple distilled and passed through a custom-made filter, our vodka emerges smooth and refined.  It is then bottled and sealed with a wax top to guarantee the utmost quality.  

A Symphony of Aromas and Flavours

Aroma: Experience the inviting warmth of malted barley and cereal grains, complemented by the nutty notes of roasted almonds and the richness of aromatic oils—a welcoming prelude to the taste adventure that awaits.

Tasting Notes:  Our vodka greets the palate with a grainy sweetness, evolving into a long and warming finish. The journey is adorned with the luxurious notes of butterscotch, star anise, and bush honey, creating a flavour profile that is both complex and comforting.

Versatility in Every Sip

Whether you're crafting vodka cocktails, savouring a classic vodka martini, or exploring innovative vodka cocktail recipes, OCD Vodka offers the perfect base. Its smooth profile and rich taste make it ideal for a range of vodka drinks, from the simplicity of a vodka soda to the creativity of cocktails with vodka.

An Invitation to Experience Excellence

Otter Craft Distilling extends an invitation to vodka enthusiasts and newcomers alike to discover the pure pleasure of OCD Vodka. With free shipping across Australia, it's never been easier to enjoy or gift this exquisite expression of Australian distilling craftsmanship. Embrace the essence of a premium small batch vodka bottle that reflects the true spirit of Australia, and elevate your vodka experience with OCD Vodka.