Raspberry Gin Liqueur
Raspberry Gin Liqueur Raspberry Gin Liqueur
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From the creative minds at Otter Craft Distilling comes the Mary St Raspberry Gin Liqueur, a vibrant concoction that captures the innovative spirit of our Sydney-based distillery. Co-owner and distiller Eduard Otter has poured his expertise and passion into this delightful blend, which is steeped in the very essence of what makes our brand unique.

Infused with Local Charm

This delightful gin liqueur brings the taste of fresh raspberries right to your glass, embodying the local charm and spirited character of Mary Street, St Peters. Our raspberry gin is a heartfelt tribute to our origins, carefully crafted to ensure a premium quality that the OCD brand is known for.

A Symphony of Flavor

Our Mary St Raspberry Gin Liqueur is not just a drink, it's an experience. Infused with the freshest raspberries into our acclaimed Mary St Gin, this liqueur is exquisite whether sipped on its own over ice, mixed into a refreshing soda, or stirred into a lively cocktail. Add a splash to your favourite bubbly for an instantly festive drink.

An Invitation from Sydney's Inner West

"The heart of Sydney's inner west, from us to you - no judgement ...just great Gin Liqueur," reads the message on our bottle, reflecting our philosophy of open-hearted sharing and community. Whether you're a local or from afar, our Raspberry Gin Liqueur invites you to share in the spirit of Sydney.

Cocktail Creations with a Berry Twist

Perfect for crafting a raspberry gin cocktail, a tangy raspberry gin sour, or a sparkling raspberry gin fizz, this liqueur is versatile and inspiring. Explore our raspberry gin recipes to discover your next signature drink, or simply enjoy the rich flavours in a beautifully designed gin glass.

Experience the Best of Australian Gin

As an emblem of Australian gin, Mary St Raspberry Gin Liqueur stands out as one of the best. It is a celebration of our dedication to using the finest ingredients and methods. Whether you're a connoisseur or new to the world of gin, let this liqueur be a testament to the quality and creativity that Australian gin has to offer.