Mary St Citrus Gin
Mary St Citrus Gin Mary St Citrus Gin

Otter Craft Distilling presents Mary St Citrus Gin, a radiant expression of Sydney's lush landscapes and the innovative spirit of our distillery. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by co-owner and distiller Eduard Otter, this gin encapsulates the core DNA of OCD, combining the very best of sourced botanicals with our signature distillation process. Mary St Citrus Gin is a harmonious blend of lemon, lime, orange, and mandarin, offering a vibrant citrus burst that pays homage to the sunny spirit of Sydney's inner west.

From the Heart of St Peters to Your Glass

Named after the location of our original distillery on Mary Street, St Peters, this citrus gin carries a message of community and quality: "From our street to your street - however you want, wherever you want to, from wherever you are." It's a testament to our commitment to sharing the very best of what we do, without judgement, just great gin.

Aromatic Journey and Flavorful Sip

Aroma: At the first inhalation, Mary St Citrus Gin greets you with an instant aroma of fresh citrus—lemons and limes lead the way, with the sweet notes of oranges and mandarins making a delightful appearance.

Tasting Notes: On the palate, this gin delivers a fabulous burst of mixed citrus flavours, underpinned by a robust juniper base. The sweet, floral notes of mandarins are subtly interwoven, perfectly balancing the gin without overpowering, creating a well-rounded and refreshing taste experience.

Unleash the Potential in Every Bottle

Mary St Citrus Gin shines in its versatility, making it the perfect base for a range of gin cocktails. Whether it's a classic gin and tonic enhanced with a slice of citrus, a vibrant citrus gin cocktail, or simply enjoyed neat or over ice, this gin adapts to suit your taste and occasion. Its bright, zesty profile makes it a favourite for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, offering a slice of Sydney's spirited flavour in every sip.

Discover the Taste of Sydney with Mary St Citrus Gin

Invite the essence of Sydney's inner west into your home with Mary St Citrus Gin. As a proud Australian gin, it embodies the innovation and quality of our gin distillery, making it a must-have for anyone seeking a gin bottle that tells a story. Experience the exceptional blend of citrus and tradition with Otter Craft Distilling's Mary St Citrus Gin, and elevate your gin tasting journey to new heights.