OCD Vodka - Lemon Drop
OCD Vodka - Lemon Drop OCD Vodka - Lemon Drop OCD Vodka - Lemon Drop OCD Vodka - Lemon Drop

Hand Made. Small Batch. Single Malt. 

OCD Pure Vodka is distilled 4 times and infused with a base of Orana tea by Anthia's teas with additional lemon to create a botanical Vodka with an intense lemon burst.

Following on from the unique distillation process that produces OCD pure Vodka, OCD Lemon Drop uses Orana tea, as a base to then additional lemons to create the most incredible zesty lemon Vodka!

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Aroma: A deeply citrus and distinctly lemon scent, that can only be compared to fresh lemons falling off a tree. Bright and clean with a smooth sweet backing as if you have just bitten into a small ripe red apple.

Tasting Notes: A burst of cool citrus on the tongue with a sweet apple and pear finish. The tail offers the single malt warmth as a surprise to end the sip. Crisp, clean and refreshing!

Easily mixed with soda or lemonade to add a special zing! Served neat or on ice this Vodka is universal in it uses.