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OCD Suppliers

All OCD spirits reflect the celebration of traceable and sustainable ingredients.

Supplier partnerships are a critical part of the OCD story, and the traceability of all ingredients is critical to Eduard and Julie.

Knowing where each ingredient comes from and the people who supply them, OCD has developed key supplier partnerships to source premium ingredients and barrels, both locally and internationally.

OCD spirits also pays homage both to the barrels they use and the stories they tell.
This is evident in the flavour profile Eduard develops for each barrel and series of Whiskey he produces as well as for each small batch of Vodka.

With a focus on longevity and innovation, respect and creativity for all ingredients are reflected in the singularity of OCD spirits.

  • Our malt is sourced locally from Voyager in the Riverina, the food bowl of NSW.
  • Our coco and coffee are sourced locally from Morgans coffee and Zokoko, at the foot of the Blue Mountains NSW.
  • Our barrels are sourced locally and internationally and are traceable to show sustainable usage.
  • All OCD Whiskey releases will reflect each barrel location and previous usage.
  • All OCD Vodka variants will reflect the quality of the raw ingredients.


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