OCD Hand Sanitiser 500ML with pump: Min order of 6
OCD Hand Sanitiser 500ML with pump: Min order of 6 OCD Hand Sanitiser 500ML with pump: Min order of 6

 OCD Hand Sanitiser 500ML

Manufactured to World Health Organisation Guidelines, OCD Hand Sanitiser is now available!

Like everyone in the world, we have been impacted by this incredibly sad & difficult time. As a small family business, my brother Eduard & I were honoured when we were called by friends who are first responders to help in any way we could. In creating our Hand Sanitiser - which is needed by so many - we have also been fortunate enough to find a way to save our brand and hopefully see it through to the other side of this..whenever that time may be.

We hope that our OCD Hand Sanitiser brings a little comfort to everyone that uses it, knowing it is 80% ethanol, manufactured with care to WHO Guidelines.

Please note the pump colour may vary from image shown.

* For all Corporate orders for the above, including 5L and 25L Jerry cans, as well as any other queries, please contact sales@ocdistilling.com.

* OCD is able to offer personalised labels for corporate order of 1000 units and above. Please contact sales@ocdistilling.com for any queries.

How to use:

Apply 5ml of product (approximately 1 teaspoon or 1 pump of a standard pump) to the centre of your palm. Rub vigorously, applying to all surfaces of your hands, palms, between fingers, under nails and back of thumb - for 20 seconds or until dry.

For visibly dirty hands, use soap and water before applying this product.


Distilled Water, Ethanol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerine.


$10 per sale.