OCD x Cupids Kiss
OCD x Cupids Kiss OCD x Cupids Kiss OCD x Cupids Kiss

OCD Triple Distilled vodka steeped in Australian Blackberries to create the ultimate Blackberry Vodka.

Create the ultimate Valentines Day cocktail for yourself, your friends or your special person!

Australian Vodka - Australian Blackberries - Australian Prosecco!

In this special Valentines Day Kit, you will receive:

  • 1 x OCD Blackberry Vodka 700ml 44% ABV 
  • 4 x mini Prosecco by See Saw Wines 10% ABV

OCD Vodka is made to be sipped over ice or mixed - and is perfect for creating this easy and delicious cocktail! This blackberry vodka pairs seamlessly with this Prosecco from See Saw wines - which has a flavour that is fresh and lively with hints of Nashi Pear and Jasmine.

Using the same ingredients and recipe as used by OCD distiller and Co - Founder, Eduard Otter, to showcase OCD's latest Vodka release, this cocktail was created to be easily replicated and enjoyed!

This Blackberry Vodka is also delicious with lemonade, soda, tonic or any of your favourite mixers!

Flat rate shipping $10.00 per order across Australia.


  • 45mls- OCD Blackberry Vodka.
  • Top up with Prosecco by See Saw Wines.

Method – Build

Pour in the OCD Blackberry Vodka.

Fill the glass with the most delicious Australian made and organically grown Prosecco and enjoy!!

Garnish - 

You may choose to pop in a blackberry or 2!