OCD Blood Orange Gin Sour Cocktail

You asked and here they are!

Wherever you are, these delicious pre made cocktails, created by Eduard Otter are ready to pour & enjoy! Each cocktail is designed to bring the experience of OCD to you...from our distillery to your home ...and if you are not in lockdown..we wish we were with you wherever you are!

All you have to do is keep each cocktail chilling in your fridge, and when ready to serve - shake over ice and enjoy!

No additives and this cocktail has a shelf life of 2 weeks. (date on each bottle)

All OCD cocktails are made by hand at the OCD Distillery in Sydney.

OCD x Blood Orange Gin Sour:

  • OCD Mary St Gin, Freshly juiced blood orange, rose infused simple syrup, fresh lemon.
  • Shake & strain & pour over loads of ice...& enjoy! Anyway is nice!

500ML.  20% ABV Approx. 8 standard drinks.

Fresh juice may seperate - just shake a lot before opening!