Cocoa Vodka
Cocoa Vodka Cocoa Vodka Cocoa Vodka Cocoa Vodka Cocoa Vodka Cocoa Vodka
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Indulge in the opulent flavours of our Cocoa Vodka, an exquisite vodka that intertwines the refined essence of our premium vodka with the deep, velvety character of the finest cocoa nibs. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this spirit represents a harmonious blend of innovation, sustainability, and passion for exceptional taste.

From Bean to Bottle: The Art of Chocolate Vodka

At the heart of our distillation process lies a commitment to using only sustainably sourced and traceable cocoa nibs. These nibs, steeped for 10 days in our pure vodka, release their warm, rich flavours, resulting in a chocolate vodka with an unparalleled golden velvety character that stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and uniqueness.

Experience the Aroma and Taste of Elegance

Aroma: Embark on an aromatic journey with Cocoa Vodka, where the profound scents of cocoa nibs blend with notes of dark chocolate truffles, sweet liquorice root, and a hint of browned cocoa butter, setting the stage for a sensorial delight.

Tasting Notes: OCD Cocoa Vodka delivers an intense and complex flavour profile, featuring layers of deep dark chocolate, cocoa dust, and the comforting sweetness of fudge brownie. Accents of raisins and dates add depth, culminating in a warm, long, and bittersweet cocoa finish that lingers invitingly.

Versatility in Every Creation

This luxurious chocolate vodka is not only perfect for crafting sophisticated vodka cocktails but also shines when savoured neat or on the rocks. Its rich chocolate notes add a unique twist to classic recipes, making it an essential addition to any connoisseur's collection and a versatile companion for creative mixologists.

Elevate Your Spirits with OCD Cocoa Vodka

With complimentary shipping across Australia, embracing the sumptuous blend of chocolate and vodka has never been easier. Ideal for chocolate and vodka aficionados alike, our Cocoa Vodka invites you to explore a world where chocolate elegance meets spirit innovation. Indulge in the lavish taste of OCD Cocoa Vodka, where each sip is a celebration of chocolate vodka perfection.